Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sober flight

I have another "first" coming up. My first sober long-distance flight. Probably ever.

Way back when, B.C. (before children), I had a job that took me all around the world. That was in the early '90s and the tickets were business class. My drinking was not out of control yet then, but I've always enjoyed being pampered on a trans-continental flight. Once I even got upgraded to First, but that was lame. I sat in the nose of the plane, no windows, nothing to look at. In-seat video wasn't so great at the time, so the food and the wine were the distinguishing factor, besides the leather seats and the leg room, of course.

Well, tomorrow I'm off from Auckland to San Francisco, and since Air New Zealand had a special deal when my company booked my flights, my travel department booked premium economy. For the last few years, I was always stuck in economy, seat 43G. Now that I'm sober I get fancy seats with legroom, foot cushion and - don't get me wrong -- that's really cool, but of course they will be parading the wine up and down the aisle, lots of wine. Even in economy class, Air NZ serve decent wine.

So, I will need to work on my reflexes and try to suppress the automatic nod when they come drink-trolleying down the aisle.

Being on a low carb diet (as I currently am), the whole "food on the plane" topic will be tough enough already. The no-alc, no-carb drinking is taking tis a step further. I need to play this in my head before it happens, so it doesn't take me by surprise.

Can't take any liquids through security. After security there's duty free, which I will avoid. I'll tell a story about the money spent and wasted on duty free booze another time. The only way to bring my own supplies onto the plane is to buy overpriced bottled soft drinks at the gate stores. That does not sound appealing, either.

So, the drinks trolley needs some planning. Nothing alcoholic. That's the easy bit. Then, let's see. Fruit juice? Nah, concentrated carbs. Tomato juice? Ick. Why does everybody drink tomato juice on a plane but nowhere else? Coke, Sprite, Fanta, 7Up -- all no-no because of the sugar content. "Diet" or "Light" are packed with artificial sweeteners that are almost as bad as carbs.

I hope they can find me some sparkling water with a twist of lemon. I'd Better pack some low carb chocolate, so I can indulge at least a little.

At least I'll have room to stretch my legs. Yay!


  1. It is so TRUE that people drink tomato juice on a plane and nowhere else!!

    I do like a really spicy Virgin Mary though with lots of chilli. Mmm.

  2. Awe a kiwi chick ! I used to live in Tauranga - now live in the UK ! Kiaora

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  4. I am low carbing it too! And that's such an incentive for me to avoid the wine witch. Wine packs it on my belly like nothing else. I fly a lot for work (not trans-continental tho) and whenever I drink, I turn beet red and sweat like a PIG! I guess this is why I've turned into quite a homebody. So I usually just get water on the plane however, I do carry those drink flavors/powders and I get one that is sweetened with stevia. There are some that are liquid and some that are powder. I've never had a problem carrying a few of those through security. I also avoid artificial sweeteners as much as possible and usually take my own stevia (liquid) with me when I travel. It's a very small bottle and no problems yet!

    1. Hi Emily, stevia is a brilliant idea! I'll try that next time. Oh, and I can relate to the turning red and sweating bit. Glad that this is over now.